Têxteis José Campos, Unipessoal LDA

Company's start date


    Têxteis José Campos, with its headquarters in Barcelos, Portugal, prides itself on its quick response to market demands and its adaptation to the market in regard to the continuous changing needs of the textile industry. We embrace the changes presented by the global market and strive to provide innovative solutions to our partners.


The mission of this family-owned business is to focus on the individual needs of each client and therefore manufacture the requested products with the upmost care. The company is equipped with a vast array of machinery that fulfil the unique technical specifications of said products.

We take pride on the raw materials of excellent quality used to ensure the creation of high-quality products which are later delivered to the client within the schedule stipulated by them.


We believe that, to become a pioneer in the textile industry, it is required a forward-thinking approach from the different sectors within the company. Nevertheless, the want to deliver high levels of performance during our production process has been the main goal since the beginning, which we have succeeded in so far.

It is important to recognise that the usage of innovative methods and technologies has been one of the keys to our continuous success. With cutting-edge technology, coupled with the experience and training of our personnel, we can easily reach the level of quality required by our clients.

Global Market

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Philippines,
Portugal, Reunion Island, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America